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07 July 2008 @ 03:18 pm

Round #4: Challenge 01

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


* Each person must submit one icon
* the icon has to me made for this challenge not something you've made before.
* do not post your icon anywhere else until the voting is over and the results announced
* only use the picture provided. no other pictures/caps
* all other effects, like textures/gradients/brushes/text are allowed, animation is not allowed!!
* LJ restrictions apply: max. 100x100 px (less is okay) and 40kB
* when submitting an icon, please provide both its url and img src
* please post your icons to this (challenge) post only!
* comments are screened

- icons are due Monday 14 July 08
- you CANNOT use a skip in the first challenge
Have them in:
1. ninathefish
2. xtess
3. xsleepingswanx
4. sandygurl_31
5. 8hrs
6. dionisia2005
9. lapine29
10. ofraindrops
Need them in:

7. bluebellflames
8. whitestroke